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Activities at the Church of the Spirit


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Oct 21 Next session of the Basic Unfoldment Class starts at 7 pm. $10 donation. These take place on Tuesday evenings until December. See description below.
Oct 22 The Advanced Unfoldment Class led by Rev. Marrice Coverson starts up again. You should already be familiar with Spiritualism or have taken the Basic Class, as these classes encourage you to express your mediumship. 7-9 pm with a donation requested.
Oct 27 Remember, Monday Meditations are still happening on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. It's an evening of Guided Meditation starting at 7 p.m. A perfect setting for those just starting to meditate as well as for those who are more accomplished. Note: to keep the group in a meditative state, the doors close at 7:15 - don't be late. Suggested donation, $5.00 per session.
Oct 25 Mark your calendar! Our ever-popular Spirit Fest takes place this Saturday from noon to 4 pm. Get readings from your favorite mediums and have your questions answered. More information here - print out the flyer to show your friends!.
Nov 5 An All Message Service takes place on the first Wednesday of the month beginning at 7 p.m. and continuing until all have received messages. Very often our students are on hand to give readings. A donation is requested. Please make sure you are on our email list in case there is a cancellation.
Nov 23 A special Sunday as we give Thanks. We will be marking the Church's Anniversary and the anniversary of our Pastor, Rev. Marrice Coverson. And of course having a wonderful Thanksgiving pot-luck luncheon following the service.

Our Basic and Advanced Unfoldment classes are resuming in October.

The Basic Class, taught by our Assistant Pastor, Cher Dyle, takes place on Tuesday evening from 7 to 8:30 pm, starting October 7. If you are curious about Spiritualism, or if you feel you have psychic abilities, this is the place to explore and learn. There is a $10 donation per class.

The Advanced Unfoldment Class, led by Pastor Marrice Coverson, takes place on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9 pm, starting October 22. You should have taken the Basic course before joining this one, which concentrates on different types of mediumistic demonstrations and explores Spiritualist Principles and Natural Laws.


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